Stir Moon is the art of wok fusion restaurant established on August 22, 2002 by restaurant owner Jack Punma; since then it has grown up in the heart of Miami, now with 4 locations in Coral Gables, Weston, Cutler Bay and Dadeland.  Our eclectic mix of Chinese, Thai and Japanese menus are carefully prepared with our selection of a blend of fresh, daily handpicked vegetables and meats, complemented with an array of herbs and exotic spices, providing something special for everyone in Stir Moon casual yet exotic surroundings.

We offer Asian Wok Fusion culinary experience where quality is our top priority when serving our customers.  Come enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of one of our locations or try our state of the art online order system where you can have access to our menu from the comfort of your home.

Stir Moon is inimitable is new viewpoint, a new vision, unlike anything that's happened before; it is fresh, light, healthy, and nutritious, we serve appetizing meals at popular prices.  We specially recommend our noodles dishes of all types, inspired by the cuisines of China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, each as attractive to the eye as flavorful to the palate.  This is a lively place of fun, a feast for the senses; a bright decor, music, kitchen sounds and aromas combine and the resulting atmosphere is unlike any other.  Our restaurant is innovative, creative and will never grow stale – special dishes will be introduced on a regular basis. We offer variety and abundance.


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